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Necessity for preparation of the patient for upcoming clinical laboratory analysis

Еmiliya Georgieva, Silvia Angelova, Minko Milev, Yuliyan Kostadinov, Plamen Russev


The analytical and diagnostic reliability of the results of clinical laboratory tests depend mostly on the preparation of the patient and duly to the type of study. The patient has to be fully aware if before taking the test material he has to be hungry and if it is necessary to maintain a diet regime for a few days. He must be aware of the drugs that he can and cannot take in relation to the upcoming study. There are currently approved by the WHO criteria for diagnosing, which includes the preparation of the patient. The article presents an analysis on the views of patients, laboratory
physicians, laboratory technicians and general practitioners about the level of preparation of patients and the need for training in upcoming laboratory studies.


education; awareness; patients; laboratory testing

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Кантарджиев Т., „Преданалитична фаза на клиничното изследване“, сп. Мединфо, 2011, бр. 10, стр. 1-3.

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Наредба № 1 от 31 януари 2014 г. За утвърждаване на медицински стандарт „Клинична лаборатория“. /



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