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Characteristics of remote teamwork among clinical research company employees

Kristina Dimitrova


Introduction: Remote work is increasingly common in our times due to globalization and the revolutionary development of digital technologies. Utilizing skills such for communicating, collaborating and efficient work in the virtual environment is important for the proper functioning of teams and for the whole organization. Therefore, it is necessary to implement strategies that supports virtual teamwork and the individual performance of employees.
Material and methods: Research literature on the research problem was studied and analyzed. Sociological methods were utilized to collect and analyze empirical data. An individual anonymous online questionnaire was deployed containing 29 questions: 22 closed and 7 open-ended. The respondents are employees of a clinical research company, working remotely and on site at the office located in the city of Sofia. The total number of surveyed employees is 109. A quantitative descriptive analysis of the survey data was performed.
Results and discussion: The number of employees working remotely in the surveyed organization has increased by 75% from the start of the quarantine measures. Most of them have had no difficulties in adapting, and the quality of teamwork has even improved. No significant difficulties that would negatively affect teamwork and individual performance were reported. Most employees have managed to achieve a balance between personal and professional life, and even prefer remote work to working only on site at the office.
Conclusion: Although some employees experience difficulties working remotely, the positive effects of the change are significantly greater. Based on the given recommendations, strategies can be developed in the organization to support the effectiveness of remote teamwork.


team; teamwork;, communication; remote work; collaboration; difficulties; skills

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