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Analysis of approaches in the implementation of to corporate social responsibility by pharmaceutical companies in Bulgaria

Yuliyan Kostadinov


Part of the strategy of the pharmaceutical companies is related to corporate social responsibility through which they contribute to sustainable economic development, labor relations with employees, their families, the local community and society as a whole to improve the quality of life. Through various initiatives aimed at society, companies influence the life of the individual in a positive and significant way. With slow steps and regardless of its various forms and manifestations, corporate social responsibility is gradually becoming an integral part of corporate strategies on a global scale. The aim of the article is to present an analysis of approaches to the implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) by pharmaceutical companies operating on the Bulgarian pharmaceutical market. The study confirmed that the implementation of CSR focused on human resources in pharmaceutical companies is a successfully developing management model and contributes both to the sustainable development of the company and to better motivation and quality of work of the teams working in it.


corporate social responsibility; pharmaceutical companies; human resources

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