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Platforms for online meetings and online contact of pharmaceutical companies with patients in the context of corporate social responsibility

Yuliyan Kostadinov


Commitment to patients and their carers is one of the main elements of the corporate social responsibility strategies of modern pharmaceutical companies. They are actively involved in seeking and listening to the views of patient communities, providing training opportunities and improving their health literacy, supporting patients’ rights to seek adequate care and helping healthcare professionals to treat their patients in the best possible way. These commitments could not be fulfilled without constant, active and effective communication between all parties. In the modern conditions of technological and digital development more and more of the communications are carried out in online platforms and networks. The Covid pandemic has further accelerated this process due to the fast and sophisticated way to electronically provide comprehensible information about pharmaceutical products. This includes also timely and accurate information to healthcare professionals, to assist patients in the proper use of their prescribed medications.
The aim of the article is to present publicly available and most popular online platforms for useful and effective communications in the context of corporate social responsibility (CSR) between pharmaceutical companies and patients using their products. A review of the literature confirms that the use of electronic platforms and the application of CSR by pharmaceutical companies aimed at patients and their relatives is a successful marketing approach and contributes to both the good image of the organization and better implementation of their corporate goals.


corporate social responsibility; patients; pharmaceutical companies; online platforms

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