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Journal of the Union of Scientists - Varna. The Cultural Heritage of Varna and the Black Sea Region

The library - tradition and sustainability in the digital times

Radka Kalcheva


`Pencho Slaveykov` Public Library in Varna was founded in 1883. It is a public institution supported by the municipality and the government. The library has been depository of the Bulgarian national literature since 1945. Latest statistic have shown that library collections number over 880 000 volumes of books, periodicals and other materials. In Regional History Dept. there is a unique and full collection of periodicals
printed in Varna after 1880.
The Library is one of the leading organizations in Bulgaria in the field of digitization. It started to digitize its rare and unique collections of serials, post-cards, photos, maps etc. several years ago. In 2008 Pencho Slaveykov Regional Library set up the Varna Digital Library - a virtual service, which provides access to library`s and its partner-museums` digitised materials.


libraries, history, digitization

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