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Two gold coins from the Balchik region

Trifon Trifonov


In 2016 two gold coins were found between the towns of Balchik and Kavarna where the capital of the Second Scythian kingdom, was probably located. One of the coin is a quarter stater of Olbia, minted under the Athenian coin system in the period 310 - 300 BC. It is descripted by the Russian numismatists Karishkovskiy and Anokhin as a hemidrahm or triobol. On the obverse is depicted the goddess Demetra with a wreath of stalks grains, turned left. The reverse presents a dolphin to the left, below it a monogram ОΛ. The coins has a diameter of 11 mm and a weight 2,157 g.
The other coin is also quarter stater with weight 2,103 g and a diameter 12 mm. On the obverse is depicted the head of god Apollo with a laured wreath, turned left. Above the image there is a monogram ΔI. On the reverse is a Scythian with a spear in the right hand on a horse in gallop turned to the left. From the studies and comparisons
made, it can be assumed that this is a quarter stater of the king of Bosporan kingdom, Perissad IV, minted in Panticapaion during the period 140 - 130 BC.


gold coins, stater, Olbia, Scythian, Perissad, Panticapaion

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