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Image symbolism of the mosaics from the Episcopal basilica in Odessos and the age of Theodosius I the Great

Marina Perseng


The mosaic decoration from the Episcopal basilica in Odessos is connected with the establishment of the Early Christianity's image system, as well as to understanding those symbolic images that are attached to Christian teaching and for their explanation it is needed to follow the history of their origin and development. The mosaic composition of the central nave of the sanctuary has a Eucharistic character and presents a scene of the "Source of Life", dated from the beginning of V century. Studying of the spiritual code of every symbol reveals the multilayers of those signs, which are hidden in it and connects different concepts, related to each other in one basic idea and the complexity of their hidden meaning is in direct connection with the historical period, in which they are made.


Early Christianity, liturgy, Eucharist, Christian art, Odessos, mosaics

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