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Journal of the Union of Scientists - Varna. The Cultural Heritage of Varna and the Black Sea Region

The cultural revival of Varna – 1860 – 1960. A chronology of the events

Rumen Chardakliev


After Paisius' History of Bulgaria from 1762, set the beginning of the Bulgarian Renaissance, as part of the European Renaissance process in the period of the Enlightenment (XV-XVIII C), the beginning of this Revival process for Varna before its liberation from Ottoman power on July 27, 1878, began on March 12, 1860, in the 14th century medieval St. George Church. There, for the first time, a worship service was held in Bulgarian - 10 years before the establishment of the Bulgarian Exarchate, established with the Sultan's edict on February 28, 1860 and after centuries of Ottoman oppression and spiritual Greek slavery. In spite of this significant church act, when the Bulgarian Exarchate was created in 1870, Varna was not included in its territory, since most Orthodox Christians in the city were Greeks.


cultural revival of Varna, National Revival, mayors of National Revival in Varna, church problem, Bulgarian school municipality, chronicle of emblematic dates and events

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