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Similarities and differences in the symbolism of the embroideries of indigenous people from South America and Bulgaria

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos


The article examines the similarities and differences in the creation and symbolism of the embroideries of the indigenous people of South America compared to those of the Bulgarians.   The investigation was made using the methodological and ethnographic approach and analysis. The symbolism of embroideries is a major topic in the research, as the perspective of cultural anthropology allows to deepen this study. In the process were examined external and internal similarities. The external ones being largely susceptible to the environmental impacts; while the inner ones reveal an exceptional closeness, similarity, relationship between two so distant cultures that practically never had direct contact, and therefore have not exchanged information until the early 20th century.


symbolism, typical, ethnographic clothes, similarities, embroidery, Indian, South America, Bulgaria

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