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16.08.2020 – a year after the sailing of the ABORA IV international expedition from Varna - a retrospect

Alexander Alexandrov


The ABORA project has nearly 20 years of history. The leader is the German scientist and practical researcher Dr. Dominique Goerlitz, who is a follower of the Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl. ABORA IV is the expedition held in 2019 from Varna to Kas, Turkey, where the voyage ended on 21.09.2019. The paper presents information about some developments since its end up to the present moment realized mainly in Germany and Bulgaria, in order to be identify the community’s attitude. 



ABORA IV, Rokov, Goerlitz, Patara, Beloslav

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Роков, Т. Началото на експерименталната морска археология в България. – История и култура на България и българите (IX–XIX в.). Исторически изследвания и археологически приноси в памет на проф. д-р Валентин Плетньов. Acta Musei Varnaensis XIII–2. Гл. ред. проф. д.и.н. Иван Русев, Варна: ОНГЪЛ, 2019, с. 321–331.

Goerlitz, D. Erinnerungen an den Start der vorbereitenden ABORA IV-Bauarbeiten in

Beloslav am 8. Mai 2019, 8. Mai 2020,, последно посещение 12 декември 2020 г.



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