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Journal of the Union of Scientists - Varna. The Cultural Heritage of Varna and the Black Sea Region

The ancient capital of Sumer--Uruk, is a grandchild of the legendary Varna

Nikolay Uvaliev


History has preserved evidence of an ancient city whose people migrated from their native lands of Varna to Sumer around 5650 BC as a result of the Black Sea flood. The Sumerians referred to their ancient capital as Unug or Uruk, which means grandson in both cases and denotes a hereditary related city in appearance and likeness. In old Bulgarian, a grandson is referred to as "unug". Varna, from around the 10th millennium BC, and Sumer, from the 4th and 3rd millennium BC, share a key word that reveals many family ties between two peoples, two cities, and two civilizations.


Sumer, Uruk, Varna, Black Sea flood, Gilgamesh

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