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Risk assessment and determination of the possibilities for reducing the risk of collision of a gas carrier standing on the western pier of a public transport port with regional importance for fuels—Varna Port, owned by Gastrade, with a passing ship floating in Channel No. 2 and performing uncontrolled turn due to jamming of her steering wheel

Ivaylo Ivanov


Nowadays, risk assessment is gaining popularity as a tool for business management and ensuring the safety of personnel engaged in various activities, as the main standards that provide guidelines for identifying risk in process management are ISO31000:2018 and ISO45001:2018. With the development of the modern technologies, navigational simulators are increasingly used for the training process of the seafarers, but apart from the educational purposes, they can also be used as a means for evaluation of the risks in the maritime operations. This publication provides guidance for the use of a marine simulator to evaluate the risk of collision of a passing ship with a stuck rudder, with a gas carrier standing at a quay, as a result of which some preventive actions and opportunities to reduce the assessed risks can be identified. The contribution of all mentioned is a minimization of costs due to unforeseen situations, which arise during the marine operations and to preserve the human life at sea.


risk assessment, possibilities, gas carrier, turn, steering

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