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Dr. Petar Skorchev and his contribution to the fight against rabies in the Varna region and Northeastern Bulgaria

Eliyana Ivanova


Dr. Petar Skorchev was the head of the Bacteriological and Anti-Rabies Station in Varna during the period 1926–1952. Under his leadership, the station began production of the life-saving anti-rabies vaccine, which is administered to bitten individuals from Northeastern and Southern Bulgaria, and from Romanian Dobrudja. The main contributions of Dr. Skorchev are in the application of modern approaches in the treatment and prevention of rabies, in the production of a highly effective and high quality vaccine, and in the creation of new methods in the application of the anti-rabies vaccine for the treatment of patients severely bitten by rabid animals. As a bacteriologist, he supported the prophylactic activities and control of the sanitary authorities in the city and the district. He actively assisted the physicians in Varna during typhoid, dysentery and salmonellosis epidemics.


anti-rabies vaccine, Bacteriological and Anti-Rabies Station, Dr. Petar Skorchev, history of medicine, Varna

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