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Journal of the Union of Scientists - Varna. The Cultural Heritage of Varna and the Black Sea Region


Cover and Contents

Cover and Contents PDF


Prosveta 1927 Community Center - one more contemporary gallery space in Varna PDF
Jivko Donchev 5-10
A hypothesis on the purpose of grave No. 36 from the Varna I necropolis PDF
Svetlozar Popov 11-22
The SILC Road local culture project: opportunities for destination Varna in the Black Sea coast region PDF
Stoyan Marinov, Krasimira Yancheva, Todor Dyankov 23-31
St. George the Slav slayer. Brief introduction to Slavic people and their inclusion in the states of Kubrat and Asparouch PDF
Dimitar Chanev 32-40
A story told by a graphic work PDF
Trifon Trifonov 41-46
Image symbolism of the mosaics from the Episcopal basilica in Odessos and the age of Theodosius I the Great PDF
Marina Perseng 47-51
The name of the city of Varna and its emergence in the place of Odessos PDF
Veselin Trakiyski 52-60
The Surt area in the Provadia plateau PDF
Mariya Kardjieva 61-64
The cultural revival of Varna – 1860 – 1960. A chronology of the events PDF
Rumen Chardakliev 65-82
First steps of symphonic music in Varna PDF
Jaklin Bodurova, Masis Hadzholyan 83-86
The Varna representatives in the Constituent Assembly in 1879 PDF
Mariyana Nikolova 87-92
The textile industry in Varna region (1878-1929) PDF
Daniela Popova 93-101
Trends in the development of the branches of the Bulgarian national creative unions in Varna in the 1970s and 1980s PDF
Genoveva Mihova 102-111
The cultural heritage of Varna and the Black Sea region. The so-called Varna PDF
Nikolay Uvaliev 112-117
60th anniversary of the Museum of National Revival in Varna PDF
Kolyo Hubenov 118-129
Evolution of trade centers in the Black Sea region PDF
Boyko Doychinov 130-133
Similarities and differences in the symbolism of the embroideries of indigenous people from South America and Bulgaria PDF
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos 134-141
On the development of higher shipbuilding education in Bulgaria PDF
Gospodin Kirov 142-150
Digitization of objects of cultural heritage of Varna, produced in the studio Architectural Spies in the period 2013-2019 PDF
Nadya Stamatova 151-160
The wonders of cape Kaliakra PDF
Trayan Trayanov 161-164

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