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Method for preliminary crossing, niveling of flowering caisson type pneumo-structure and pressure of the Earth basis

Gencho Georgiev


The prediction of the cutting force of the knives of contouring hydraulic structures of the sinking type (caisson) is not solved unambiguously in hydrotechnical science, and its pre-fixation is impossible without additional, costly bottom processing, which leads to limited use of contemporary and economical conversions such as large-diameter pilots, floating bottomless moorings and other gravitational hydraulic constructions with contour interactions with the bottom.

The essence of the problem is to create a method of designing the basic contour of a new type of floating caisson, leveling a gear made up of one or more caissons, a continuous consolidation of the earth's foundation under the main caisson contour, pre-stressing of the ground foundation the main caisson contour with loads greater than operational in case of necessity of subsequent filling with another contractor by raising a water column above the average water level in the caissons working chambers after laying on the bottom, keeping the raised water volume above the average water level to the project elevation, redistributing the weight of the raised and retained water volume as a gravity fill in operating conditions.


hydraulic construction, floating caisson, air pressure

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