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Air-imperviousness of reinforced concrete floating caisson type pneumo-structure

Gencho Georgiev


This paper gives a brief description of a new type of floating caisson, structure, applicable in hydrotechnical construction of facilities subjected to heavy loadings in water areas, practically by every kind of a baseplate in shallow and deep water. The caisson has a prismatic or cylindrical form and no bottom. It is di­vided in vertical chambers and is provided with top plate (cover). The cai­sson is transported in a floating condition to the lay place. It is possible to introduce slight corrections of the caisson trim and its exact laying on a particular place by varying the air pressure in the chambers. One of the most important things in the construction and operation of concrete-type pneumatic structures is to provide air- imperviousness of the structure for air pressure values up to 2 bar (0.2 MPa). It is believed that the reinforced concrete walls and slabs, properly executed and vibrated, are air-tight even without plaster on them. Nevertheless, the prescribed requirements for the insulation and the provision of airtightness of reinforced concrete must be fully met in combination with varying outside temperature and the constant impact of aggressive seawater.


hydrotechnical construction, floating caisson, air pressure, air-imperviousness, reinforced concrete

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Европейски стандарт EN 1504 – 2, 9; EN 12207

Регламент (ЕС) 305/2011

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Плаващ кесон тип пневмо-конструкция. Доклад на научна сесия на Съюза на учените „Науката в служба на обществото“, 2017 г.



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