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Journal of the Union of Scientists - Varna. Maritime Sciences Series


Cover and Contents

Cover and Contents PDF


Maritime critical infrastructure cybersecurity aspects overview PDF
Zhelyazko Nikolov 3-6
Challenges to contemporary maritime building PDF
Valentina Grancharova, Siyana Lutzkanova 7-12
Application of Daniel Goleman's model components for emotional intelligence in leadership training for NU Vaptsarov courses PDF
Anna Karadencheva 13-22
Air-imperviousness of reinforced concrete floating caisson type pneumo-structure PDF
Gencho Georgiev 23-29
Options for short-term earthquake forecast in the western region of the Black Sea PDF
Dimitar Parlichev, Nikolay Dobrev 30-34
Submarine springs on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast PDF
Kristina Gartsiyanova 35-41
Total organic carbon in the surface water of the Bulgarian Black Sea coastal zone PDF
Ognyana Hristova 42-47
The metals iron and manganese in the surface water along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast PDF
Boryana Dzhurova 48-53
Coastal fortification facilities and phytoplankton structure in the coastal zone of the Black Sea PDF
Daniela Klisarova, Dimitar Gerdzhikov 54-59
The Black Sea is not the same anymore PDF
Trayan Trayanov 60-61

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