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Transformations of the marketing mix in conditions of the new digital reality

Violeta Peteva


At the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century, we are witnessing extreme dynamism in the course of social, economic, cultural and technological processes in society. Digitalization and the accompanying technological innovations have a dramatic and irreversible impact on the marketing environment, business models and models of consumer behaviour. This predetermines the need to transform the marketing mix, as a classic concept and strategic planning tool, what and how to offer customers. In today's digital reality, the classic concept of the marketing mix, that of the 4Ps, is evolving towards greater consumer involvement in marketing strategies. The report examines and analyzes some of the most popular trasformations of marketing mix: Booms & Bitner's 7Ps model; Mason & Mayer's 6Ps model; Kotler, Kartajaya & Setiawan's 4Cs model; Constantinides 4S Web-Marketing Mix model; Fetherstonhaugh's 4Es model.


marketing mix, 4Ps marketing mix, 7Ps marketing mix, 6Ps marketing mix, 4Es marketing mix, omnichannel consumers, connected consumers

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