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Izvestia Journal of the Union of Scientists - Varna. Economic Sciences Series

Vol 9, No 3 (2020)

Cover and Contents PDF


E-commerce and competitiveness of the Bulgarian trade sector PDF
Violeta Dimitrova 3-11
Comparative advantages in attracting investments - contemporary view PDF
Evgenia Tonkova, Sevdalina Hristova, Dancho Petrov 12-18
An approach for creating business model for using virtual tools in startup companies PDF
Pavel Petrov, Svetoslav Ivanov, Volodymyr Petrivskyi 19-26
Ethical fashion PDF
Silvia Dimitrova 27-39
The purchase of agricultural land a well thought out process in the agribusiness enterprises PDF
Milen Vlaev 40-47
Important B2C aspects of location based marketing PDF
Mohammad M. Hazimeh 48-51
Orphan drugs of personalized medicine in Bulgaria and their cost-effectiveness PDF
Zhaklin Stoykova-Valcheva 52-62
Best practices as opportunities for leadership soft skills improvement in human resource management in Bulgarian tourism organizations: The Four Season hotels example PDF
Mariya Veleva 63-71
Sources of funding and financing opportunities for agricultural business PDF
Tsvetelina Kabakchieva 72-79
Planned solutions in tourism in terms of COVID-19 PDF
Nadezhda Veselinova 80-87
Modern challenges in the application of personalized models in student education for the benefit of business and society PDF
Petya Petrova 88-95
A model of creating hospital strategic alliances PDF
Boncho Mitev 96-105
Organisation design and adaptability of the organisation PDF
Veselina Maximova 106-116
Analyzing different approaches to the relations with the insurance intermediaries on the non-life insurance market in Bulgaria PDF
Desislava Racheva 117-126
Vertical coordination as an opportunity for market risk management in agricultural holdings in Bulgaria PDF
Tanya Georgieva 127-135
Analysis of the non-financial information disclosed by the bulgarian thermal power plants PDF
Tsvetomir Manolov 136-143
Circular economy: Limitations of the concept and application challenges PDF
Aleksandar Shivarov 144-152

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