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Izvestia Journal of the Union of Scientists - Varna. Economic Sciences Series

Vol 10, No 3 (2021)

Cover and Contents PDF


Impact of COVID-19 on the restaurant franchising PDF
Georgina Lukanova 3-12
Factors for the development of bee tourism PDF
Kosyo Vladimirov 13-20
Digital advantages for the construction industry PDF
Plamen Yankov, Stefka Petrova, Svetlana Todorova 21-32
An analysis of hotel’s responses to negative and mixed online reviews in Varna PDF
Radostina Prodanova 33-43
Tourism in the Bulgarian economy - analyses and evaluations PDF
Svetla Rakadzhiyska 44-53
Recycling of carbon revenues in Bulgaria PDF
Svetlana Gercheva 54-62
Theoretical and applied aspects of the competitiveness of the tourism enterprise PDF
Stoyan Marinov 63-71
The service in the Bulgarian hotel industry in the conditions of the changing socio-economic environment PDF
Teodora Teofilova 72-81
Possible cultural tourism routes on the Silk Road in Bulgaria PDF
Todor Dyankov, Krasimira Yancheva 82-92
Critical success factors for ERP implementation PDF
Yanko Georgiev 93-101
Europe's „Digital Decade“ - a digital response to COVID-19 PDF
Pavlina Yamukova, Todor Milkov 101-109
Global interdependencies in seafood trade: the case of Bulgaria PDF
Aleksandar Shivarov 110-121
Defining location based marketing and identifying the benefits of this strategy PDF
Mohammad Hazimeh 122-126
Tourist tax as a source of income PDF
Yana Doneva 127-135
Strategic aspects of tourism development in UAE PDF
Tariq Ahmed Abdelsamad Hassan, Emil Papazov, Lyudmila Mihaylova 136-144
Transformations of the marketing mix in conditions of the new digital reality PDF
Violeta Peteva 145-156
Development of dental tourism in Bulgaria PDF
Nela Kalpakchieva 157-164
Role of the sustainable tourist development for the regional economy of Varna Municipality PDF
Tihomir Patarinski 165-176
COVID-19 as a triggering event in the goodwill impairment testing PDF
Atanas Atanasov 177-184
Sustainability of the food system - contemporary challenges and problems for Bulgaria PDF
Damyan Kirechev, Anton Petev 185-193
COVID-19 impact on the subsequent assessment of the competition rights of football players PDF
Rumyana Marinova 194-201
Assessment of the financial efficiency of enterprises in the agricultural sector in Bulgaria PDF
Damyan Kirechev 202-212

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