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Izvestia Journal of the Union of Scientists - Varna. Economic Sciences Series

Vol 12, No 3 (2023)

Cover and Contents PDF


Regulation and governance of overtourism PDF
Velina Kazandzhieva 3-13
Mediation as a strategic tool in the manager's practice PDF
Velislava Nikolaeva 14-25
What is happening to Bulgaria's maritime transport? PDF
Donka Zhelyazkova 26-33
Comparative analysis of the entrepreneurial attitudes and intentions of students from some majors at Varna University of Economics PDF
Ivan Petrov 34-45
Focus strategy: conceptual basics and sound practice PDF
Lyudmila Mihaylova, Emil Papazov 46-53
Goods flow chains transformation in the European commercial sector PDF
Michal Stojanov 54-61
The personalization in modern retailing PDF
Violeta Peteva 62-71
Cash conversion cycle in multi-specialty hospitals for active treatment from Varna region PDF
Galina Sabcheva 72-83
Application of artificial intelligence in e-commerce PDF
Desislava Grozdeva 84-93
Assessment of the financial stability of the diagnostic-consultative centres in Varna PDF
Mincho Minev, Lyubomira Koeva-Dimitrova, Monika Zlateva 94-99
Constructing a hedonic pricing model for the rental market in Varna PDF
Svetlana Todorova 100-109
Female expatriates’ barriers – myths and reality PDF
Silviya Dimitrova 110-121
Approaches in using Python for image processing PDF
Stoicho Stoev 122-128
Segmentation and composition of lexical units in the field of computer terminology PDF
Anita Todoranova 129-137
Innovations in the security of banking operations PDF
Yordanka Peycheva 138-145
Local wastewater treatment plants and their role in the circular economy PDF
Daniel Tokushev 146-156
Crisis management models - implementation issues and steps to overcome PDF
Desislava Pavlova 157-168
Blockchain technology in entrepreneurship – opportunities and risks PDF
Mihaela Todorova 169-176
The role of biomass in future energy security PDF
Radmil Nikolov 177-185

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