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Diagnostic approach and management of cow`s milk protein allergy in infants

V. Nedkova-Milanova, D. Najdenova, Tsv. Valentinova


Cow`s milk protein allergy is the leading food allergy in infants and children up to three years old. The aim of our study is to establish the frequency, the clinical manifestation, prevention and determination of Ig E and Eo values among infants from the Pleven region. Material and Methods: 94 parents of children of ages varying from 0 to 11 months with displays of food allergy from Pleven and the region were interviewed. Results: The first symptoms of cow`s milk protein allergy appear 1-2 months after milk consumption, often in family-borne children. The digestive manifestations (diarrhea, vomiting, mucus and blood in stools, constipation) occur in 61% of the children we studied. Atopic dermatitis was found in 34% of children and only 5% had bronchial obstruction. To make the diagnosis of cow`s milk protein allergy, it is crucial to have an elimination diet. Demonstration of elevated levels of specific IgE antibodies in the blood confirms the diagnosis and serves as a prognostic sign of prolonged allergy at high levels. Conclusion: To prevent allergy, it is important to avoid milk consumption during pregnancy, stimulation and breastfeeding up to 6 months of age, especially in family-borne children.


cow`s milk protein allergy, infants, diagnostic approach

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