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Management of obstructive sleep apnea in certain professional groups through screening programs

M. Milkov, L. Matev, S. Gradanska, Y. Kostadinov, Pl. Roussev, T. Kostadinova, P. Dimov


Sleep breathing disorders are common entities and a constant source of health problems with an economic impact. These disorders impact on the health and quality of life of patients because of poor quality of sleep leading to road accidents, work accidents and domestic mishaps. Among professional drivers the disorders leading to sleepiness have an impact on their ability to drive. Traffic accidents are a major problem for the social and economic consequences that entails human suffering and economic loses. Sleepness is comparable to alcohol, drugs and speeding in this disastrous invasion of driving. 252 professional drivers were given three questionnaires, which are used in patients with sleep apnea. Patients were selected for ORL examination and sleep study afterwards. A very large percentage of them are suitable for sleep research. After an analysis of the results, they will receive adequate treatment. To the human life loss we must add the exorbitant economic costs that these situations generate in hospitalization costs, rehabilitation, health, personal expenses, inability to work, compensation and costs of vehicle repair and road network.


positional sleep apnea, screening, Berlin questionnaire

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Socioeconomic status and occupation as risk factors for obstructive sleep apnea in Sweden: A population-based study, X. Li et al., 2008

Sleep apnea syndrome in a referral population in Greece: influence of social factors, N. Charokopos et al., 2007



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