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Non-surgical periodontal therapy in patients with periodontitis not suffering from common health disorders

T. Targova, S. Angelova, St. Peev, D. Bliznakova


Chronic periodontitis is a pathological condition of loss of tooth`s supporting surrounding tissues. The aim of this study is related to assessment of the efficiency of non-surgical periodontal treatment. Results and conclusions of researches published in the periodontal scientific literature are reviewed in our investigation. Chronic periodontitis significantly influences serum concentration of some inflammatory markers, including CRP. On the other hand, non-surgical periodontal therapy can result in decrease of the value of these inflammatory indicators and associates with improvement of all the periodontal clinical variables. The level of interleukin-6 is characterized with a tendency of reduction, parallel to improvement of periodontal state, as a consequence of performed non-surgical treatment procedures. Short-perspective nonsurgical treatment is effective in condition of slight and moderate degree of periodontitis. Non-surgical periodontal therapy and surgical periodontal treatment result in equal clinical results concerning reduction of depth of probing, clinical attachment level and intensity of bleeding, particularly in patients with periodontal pockets of 4 to 6 mm, suffering from moderate periodontitis. Investigations ascertain the thesis that non-surgical periodontal treatment is profitable, economic therapeutic method. In long-term there is a necessity of profound, detailed study of the considerable results, as well as accentuating upon the extent of patients` satisfaction.


periodontitis, periodontal disease, chronic periodontitis, non-surgical periodontal treatment, scientific review

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