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Giant thigh liposarcoma

Yavor Grigorov, Venelin Simeonov, Ina Chairova, Antonina Gegova, Rumen Kalionski, Diko Boshnakov, Svetla Georgieva



Liposarcoma is a heterogeneous group of adipocyte tumors in which cells differentiate into lipoblasts and lipocytes. Tumor localized in the extremities affects men more often. It rarely occurs before age 20. Diseases such as obesitas, gout, psoriasis, etc. seem to predispose to the development of this type of tumor. Lipomas (liposarcoma) are considered "giant", if they exceed 10 cm in one dimension or weigh at least 1000 grams. The thigh liposarcoma described in this article is the biggest reported in Bulgaria and one of the largest excised in the world practice.


The aim of this article is to draw attention to the difficulties associated with the surgical removal of a giant de-differentiated femoral liposarcoma, as well as the late metastases of such tumors.

Patients and methods

The patient presented is a 74-year-old male with a giant thigh liposarcoma weighing 7.65 kg, which has been subjected to an en bloc tumor excision.


Up to now, a year and a half after surgery, no recurrence or metastases have been detected. The functional state of the limb is very good.


Giant thigh liposarcomas are a real surgical challenge. They are always located near the femoral vesels, engaging muscles and vessels, often growing proximal to lig. inguinale.


giant tumor; en bloc excision; liposarcoma; malignant tumor

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