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Model for integrated care for the mentally ill in the community

Tsvetelina Tarpomanova


Integrated care is a complex set of planned and managed services for a specific group of patients with specific needs, provided by different health and social institutions. The introduction of this type of services in the field of psychiatric care is necessary because of a number of factors related to both the nature and course of mental diseases and the need to provide long-term comprehensive care for patients in the community.

One of the successful models is the Dutch one, which provides flexibly assertive care to the mentally ill in their home and social environment. The services are provided by multidisciplinary teams covering a certain number of persons on a territorial basis. Both intensive care and treatment, as well as ongoing support in daily work or domestic activities, are provided.

In Bulgaria, integrated care is a priority in a number of regulatory documents.  Thus, after the adaptation of the proposed model and the combined efforts of the medical and social institutions, continuous care of the mentally ill in the community can be successfully implemented in our country.


integrated care, mentally ill, community, flexible model

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