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Ewing sarcoma of the clavicle (case report)

Yavor Grigorov, Stanislav Filipov, Rosen Spasov, Marian Kanchev, Svetla Georgieva


Introduction: The American pathologist James Stephen Ewing (1866 -1943) first described this tumor in 1920. The sarcoma originates in the beginnings of nerve tissue. It contains small, round, immature cells, and it is closely related to soft tissue tumors, such as pPNET, Askin's tumor and neuroepithelioma, which together form a family - Ewing's tumors (ESFT). The tumor affects more often Caucasian men, is extremely rare in African Americans, and is typical of children and adolescents. In 95% of cases, the patients are between 4 and 25 years old. The clavicular localization of the tumor is extremely rare, almost casuistic, especially in male individuals over 35 years of age. A few similar cases have been described in the available literature.
Аim: The aim of this article is to focus on the diagnostic challenges, the difficulties associated with surgical removal, as well as the early metastases of Ewing's sarcoma with clavicular localization.
Materials and Methods: The presented patient is a 35-year-old man with late-diagnosed Ewing's sarcoma of the left clavicle.
Results: Despite the en-bloc excision of the tumor mass, chemo- and radiotherapy, the patient survived for only three years.
Conclusion: Early diagnosis of a sarcoma located in the clavicle is very important due to the anatomical features of the area, which makes soft tissue radicalization of the tumor extremely difficult at an advanced stage.


Ewing sarcoma, clavicle, en bloc excision

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