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Correlation between maxillary canine calcification stages and skeletal maturation (skeletal age)

Iliyana Atanasova


Introduction: Evaluation of skeletal maturity plays a crucial role in orthodontic treatment planning, diagnosis, and treatment timing in the correction of skeletal malocclusions. Growth modification is more effective when the pubertal spurt is used.

Aim: The purpose of the article is to evaluate the efficacy of using the calcification stages of the permanent maxillary canine to predict the timing of skeletal maturity.

Materials and Methods: A literature review of dental age (DA) evaluation of maxillary canine according to the method of Demirjian et al. and cervical vertebral maturation (CVM) stage assessment according to the method of Baccetti et al. was conducted.

Discussion: Demirjian calcification stage E of the left maxillary canine coincided with the pre-peak of pubertal growth spurt (CS2), calcification stage F corresponded with the peak of pubertal growth spurt (CS3) and the calcification stage H coincided with the end of peak of pubertal growth spurt (CS4 and CS5).

Conclusion: Successful treatment of skeletal disharmonies may be achieved by growth modification in patients who have a certain amount of growth remaining, as during the pubertal spurt. A highly significant correlation was found between the maxillary left canine calcification stages and the cervical vertebral maturation stages, which would facilitate the skeletal maturity evaluation with the aid of a single panoramic radiograph.


calcification stages, left maxillary canine, skeletal maturity, dental age

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