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Interrelations between obesity and oral-dental disorders in children—a literature review

Sirma Angelova, Radosveta Andreeva-Borisova


Introduction: Obesity is characterized as a global healthcare problem with a very high distribution among children. Both obesity and tooth decay are outlined as polyetiological disorders with a definite considerable impact on the physical status, psycho-emotional development, and comfort and social adaptation of the individual during the different periods of childhood. The interrelations are interpreted under conditions of the modifying, complex influence of the various specifics of the dietary regimen and lifestyle.

Aim: Collection, selection, analysis and summary of scientific data related to the interrelations between obesity and oral-dental disorders in children.

Materials and Methods: For the purpose of the review, a solid database of scientific investigations published in PMC, PubMed, Google Scholar is used.

Conclusion: Multifaceted tendencies determined in the context of the interrelations between obesity and oral-dental disorders among children consider the complex etiology of both noxae. Their efficient management and effective control correspond to the application of an integral, multidisciplinary approach. 


tooth decay, periodontal disorders, obesity, children

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