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The effect of 10% lidocaine on the surface oral sensation and gag reflex (in the prosthetic treatment of patients)

Tsvetelina Kanlieva, Kalina Georgieva-Bozhkova



The gag reflex is a response to tactile irritation of sensory receptors from richly innervated areas. According to some authors, the etiology of nausea during dental treatment is related to various factors. Lidocaine hydrochloride blocks the conduction of a nerve impulse, reducing the increased throat reflex.


The aim of this article is to study the application of 10% lidocaine in relation to gag reflex and oral sensitivity in prosthetic treatment.

Materials and Methods

From December 2022 until May 2023, 121 patients were examined. The mean age of this group was 54.5 ± 10. The female patients were 57% and 43% were male. The research was done in two steps using individual sterile swabs and plastic fibers—monofilaments (MF). The first step included assessment of the palatal reflex and mucosal surface sensitivity in the areas activating the nausea reflex before the use of the contact anesthetic lidocaine (10%). The second step repeated the algorithm of the first examination, but after the application of the contact anesthetic. The data were written in tables and analyzed with the statistical package IBM SPSS Version 26. The level of significance was chosen to be p < 0.05 at which the null hypothesis was rejected.

Results and Discussion

The most sensitive areas of the oropharynx were the posterior palatal area (A-line) and the posterior third of the tongue. The gag reflex was strongest in the most sensitive areas—the A-line and the posterior third of the tongue.


The gag reflex occurs more frequently when testing with the sterile viscous tip than when testing with MF. It depends on the size of the receptor field.


gag reflex, lidocaine, etiology, prosthetic dentistry

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