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Izvestia Journal of the Union of Scientists - Varna. Medicine and Ecology Series

Vol 26, No 1 (2021)

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Clinical Medicine

MicroRNAs and cardiac health. Their role as a potential biomarker for heart dysfunction PDF
Kalina Ganeva 5-9
Modern approaches in the biological therapy of the anterior ocular surface PDF
Nely Nikolova-Petkova, Elitsa Hristova 10-14
Dorsal exostosis of the scapula with unique localization (а clinical case) PDF
Yavor Grigorov 15-18
Uveitis and systemic diseases PDF
Silviya Nikolaeva, Binna Nencheva 19-24
The role of MDS-CI in the prognostic assessment of patients with myelodysplastic syndrome PDF
Merlin Efraim, Ilina Micheva 25-30
The role of education and its link to metabolic control in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus with long duration PDF
Kaloyan Tsochev, Violeta Iotova, Tatyana Chalakova, Yoto Yotov, Yana Bocheva, Gergana Chausheva, Mila Boyadzhieva, Samar El Shemeri, Nataliya Usheva 31-37
Epicardial fat as an imaging biomarker in the assessment of cardiometabolic risk in patients with type 1 diabetes with a duration of over 15 years PDF
Samar El Shemeri, Daniela Kaloyanova, Georgi Valchev, Kaloyan Tsochev, Tatyana Chalakova, Nataliya Usheva, Yana Bocheva, Violeta Iotova 38-44

Social Medicine

Rabies prevention among animals in the Republic of Bulgaria PDF
Miglena Kolarova-Dimitrova 45-50
Integrative medicine—designing holistic conceptual model PDF
Desislava Vankova 51-58

Dental Medicine

Assessment of the specific caries risk profile of patients with fixed orthodontic technique PDF
Elena Dimova 59-65
Soft tissue alterations in patients with reduced height of the occlusion PDF
Desislava Konstantinova, Anna Nenova-Nogalcheva 66-70
The relationship between the position of the hyoid bone and the head posture in mouth-breathing children PDF
Zornitsa Valcheva, Hristina Arnautska, Dilyana Mineva 71-76
Correlation between maxillary canine calcification stages and skeletal maturation (skeletal age) PDF
Iliyana Atanasova 77-83

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