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Of the `rivalry` and the `collaboration` between medicine and philosophy

Veselina Slavova


Today the development of scientific knowledge as well as the technological progress creates anew the necessity of a collaboration between philosophy and medicine. Processes of narrow specialization have been ongoing ever since the age of the Enlightenment. This is the reason why there is a huge gap between natural sciences and humanistic studies. This conflict leads to a long-lasting dehumanization in all areas of human activity. Bringing scientific knowledge back to its original purpose to serve the human well-being creates the prerequisite of a collaboration between medicine and philosophy. This collaboration takes place in the field of a comparatively new field called bioethics. Working in this area poses new questions and inspires discussions concerning new problems. This is why it is of crucial importance for clarifications to be made in the relations between philosophy and medicine in order to make man again a purpose of science, not simply a tool.


Medicine, Philosophy, Ethics, Science, Bioethics

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