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Professional Realization and Satisfaction of Graduate Assistant Pharmacists at Medical College – Varna

Desislava Aleksandrova, Silvia Mihailova, Momchil Lambev, Antonia Hristova, Dimana Dimitrova, Antoaneta Tsvetkova


The assistant pharmacist is a specialist who is actively involved in drug supply and drug distribution, preparing, storing and dispensing dosage forms, herbal mixtures, dietetic products, sanitary - hygiene materials, cosmetics, etc. The Assistant Pharmacist program at the Medical College - Varna was established in 1961. The assistant pharmacists graduated with a Professional Bachelor's Degree. The pharmacist is no longer just a source of information on medicines and their dispensing, but also a member of the interdisciplinary team involved in the provision of primary care. Opportunities for career development, professional engagement and pay have a strong influence on professional satisfaction and realization.

The purpose of this article is to investigate the professional realization and satisfaction of graduate assistants - pharmacists at the Medical College - Varna.

An anonymous survey was conducted among the assistant pharmacists who graduated from Medical College - Varna. The survey was conducted online through an individual questionnaire using Google forms.


professional realization, satisfaction, assistant pharmacist, Medical College - Varna

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