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Specifics of the market of functional foods and food supplements

Antoaneta Tsvetkova


International processes and general trends in the pharmaceutical sector reflect on changes in the pharmaceutical market and on the user profile.

The pharmaceutical industry is in a rapidly changing environment of healthcare reforms and government initiatives aimed at controlling costs. Dynamics are observed both in customers and in the industry as a whole. Some of the current trends that have the greatest impact on the industry are: globalization and consolidation, as well as technology.

Due to overestimated health literacy, unequal and limited access to health and pharmaceutical care and services, as well as economic inequality and limitations, people are increasingly resorting to self-medication methods—mainly through over-the-counter drugs (the so-called OTC), food supplements, functional foods, herbal products. This also raises the question of risk management in their use.

The aim of this article is to take into account the aspects influencing the market of OTC medicinal products, food supplements, and functional foods.


OTC, food supplements, functional foods, safety

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