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Role Of Kinesitherapy After Injuries Of The Musculoskeletal System In Athletes. Sports Injuries

Vladimir Krastev


Sports, exercise and training have always been part of the lives of a large percentage of people. One of the inevitable and unpredictable things that every active athlete faces is sports injuries or the so-called sports trau-matism. There is hardly anyone who does sports, be it professional or just training in his free time, who has not faced the unpleasant consequences caused by some kind of trauma that would limit his motor regime for a cer-tain period of time.
Any injury that is directly related to the performance of motor activity during a competition or training is called a sports injury. Statistically, there is a drastic increase in the number of sports injuries. Kinesitherapy oc-cupies a major place in the lives of active athletes. Its applications are numerous, and the positive results after its implementation prove the effectiveness of active treatment after trauma and reduce the risk of new ones.


sport injuries, kinesitherapy, musculoskeletal system

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