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Medical and dental photography – back to the future

M. Milkov


Medical photography is a specialized аrea of scientific photography. Its main tasks are documenting a clinical case, medical and surgical procedures, monitoring, diagnostic and treatment processes. Today, digital medical photography is an approved method of
documentation, interactive learning, an objective way of clinical research. Medical and dental photography have legal and evidentiary value in a in many countries. Often, compromise lighting and a sterile environment restrict the medical photographer, resulting in lower-quality photographs. Tthis problem has been solved today in medicine and also in dentistry, where appropriate protocols for sterile photodocumentation and informed consent forms have been created. In today’s environment, accompanied by Covid-19 and the need for isolation, the use of medical and dental photography is a relevant, reasonable and supportive alternative method for diagnosis, consultation and treatment. Documentation and analysis are only a small part of what photography offers in medicine. Together with video recording and x-ray imaging, they plays an essential role in the training and postgraduate training of future and current medical doctors and dentists.


telemedicine, telecommunications technology, photography, medicine, diagnosis, archiving, documentation, photo

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