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A historical review of the International Symposia on Recent Advances of Rhinosinusitis and Nasal Polyposis, organized since 2000 around the world

M. Milkov, M. Stoykov, G. Georgieva


Background: The problems of rhinosinusitis and nasal polyposis have been discussed further back in time. Nature of nasal polyps is diverse. Therapeutical approaches back then were original and strange in some cases. Connections with rhino-sinu-nasal pathologies have been proven in patients with obstructive sleep apnea. Data shows that OSA severity is directly related to the response of the tissues in the area.
Materials and methods: Scientific databases – PubMed, SCOPUS and MEDLINE were used to search for gathering the data in need. The following keywords rhinosinusitis, nasal polyposis, treatment. Information and data from the official websites of the organizing committees has been used. The aim of the following article is to study the history of rhinosinusitis and nasal polyposis diagnosis and treatment development.
Results and discussion: Acute and chronic rhinosinusitis and nasal polyposis are conditions more frequently diagnosed nowadays, due to the multifactorial etiology they are linked to. Authors have been continuously working on the field, more abruptly since the year of 2000. A number of scientific events have been organized, where clinicians reached to consensus and issued guidelines on how the mentioned conditions should be treated. FESS and computer aided surgeries have been in the focus in the last 10 years.
Conclusions: Rhino-sinu-nasal pathology is directly related to the quality of life of patients affected. Therefore, clinicians should continue working in the field, and investigating the root causes of the disorders. More attention is to be brought on the allergic etiology, often main cause of the nasal pathologies.


rhinosinusitis, nasal polyposis, recent diagnosis and treatment advances, obstructive sleep apnea, allergies

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