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International Bulletin of Otorhinolaryngology

Vol 13, No 2 (2017)

Cover and content PDF
Journal Editorial Team 1-4


Thyroglossal Duct Cyst Recurence. A case report PDF
S. Konsulov, S. Markov, A. Topalova, St. Konsulov 5-10
High Frequency Audiometry and its importance for the hearing loss early diagnosis PDF
A. Beshkova, K. Madzharova, S. Markov 11-18
Capabilities of Mdct of the Temporal Bone Structures Before Stapes Surgery PDF
I. Bodrova, E. Mukhamatullina, S. Ternovoy, A. Lopatin 19-24
Anatomical factors in otoneurological dysfunction and compensation PDF
M. Milkov, G. Marinov 25-29
Tongue Cancer PDF
Sp. Konsulov 30-32
Assessment of postoperative pain and foreign body sensation between two surgical methods coblator-assisted tonsillectomy versus conventional method PDF
St. Konsulov, Sp. Konsulov, K. Dzhambazov, P. Kopanov 33-36
Challenges in the topic diagnosis of cerebrospinal leak rhinorrhea. Case report PDF
A. Topalova, K. Dzhambazov, Sp. Konsulov, N. Dzhambazova- Traykova 37-41
Algorithm of Behavior in Patients with Emergency in Otorhinolaryngology PDF
T. Avramov, Sp. Todorov, D. Kostadinov, Tz. Tzolov 42-51

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