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Научни трудове – Висше военноморско училище „Н. Й. Вапцаров“

The new naval doctrine 2030 of the Russian Federation

Сияна Люцканова


The article examines the main objectives in the Naval Doctrine of the Russian Federation till 2030. Many analysts called it unrealistic but a deeper view on the strategic guidelines of the modernization and development of the Russian naval forces outlines a clear tendency to strengthen dual-use conventional and nuclear deterrence capabilities. In addition to the Arctic and Pacific the Mediterranean, Caspian and Black Sea regions are gaining strategic importance for preserving Russian national maritime interests.

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Указ Президента Российской Федерации от 20.07.2017

№ 327 "Об утверждении Основ государственной политики

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Весной Россия впервые испытает гиперзвуковую ракету "Циркон" с морского носителя, 8.02.2017,, към 10.09.2017 г.



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