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“Healthy settings” – review

Petya Boncheva, Klara Dokova


The application of the philosophy for health promotion of the Ottawa Charter, led to the creation of the concept of „healthy settings“ related to people’s lives. They are based on the settings approach, according which health is created as a result of the dynamic interaction between personal, environmental and organizational factors. The aim of this article is to present to Bulgarian readers basic concepts and principles related to health promotion in a particular setting, as well as more widely established settings and new opportunities for health promotion, based on the principle of supportive environments, initiated by the Ottawa Charter philosophy. Methods: a search in Pubmed and Google scholar with keywords: healthy settings, healthy cities, schools, universities, hospitals, prisons for health promotion, published between 1986 - 2021; review of the lists of literature sources of the selected publications. The review includes: beginning, initiators, goals, scope, achievements and some difficulties of the application of the idea of a supportive environments in the discussed healthy settings. Conclusions: The presented healthy settings are initiated and continuously supported by the WHO. Some of the established healthy settings are evolving and some of the health promoting networks have been proven effective for over three decades. Modern and varied activities in people’s lives challenge the concept of “healthy settings”and put on the agenda the need to discuss updating the Ottawa Charter, 1986.


healthy settings, healthy cities, health promoting schools, health promoting universities, health promoting virtual setting, health promoting prisons, health promoting hospital

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