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The Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) program in gynecological practice – socioeconomic benefits (first announcement)

Stanislav Slavchev


The ERAS program is a standardized system of pre-, intra-, and postoperative measures designed to alleviate surgical stress, provide an individualized approach to each patient, and enable rapid recovery following surgery. It requires a multidisciplinary team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses. ERAS’s clinical benefits in gynecological practice are supported by a substantial body of evidence. ERAS results in a shorter hospital stay and a reduction in postoperative compli-cations, which reduces hospital expenses. In spite of staff training expenses, the evidence points to lasting economic benefits. Despite earlier discharge, the ERAS program was also associated with patient satisfaction. The socioeconomic effects of ERAS in gynecological surgery meet the current system requirements due to limited hospital resources as well as the contemporary goals of surgery concerning rapid patient recovery.


ERAS, socioeconomic benefits, patients' satisfaction

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