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Retrospection of professional organizations of midwives in Bulgaria

Zhana Pavlovska


Introduction: The midwife's profession is one of the most humane, but like any other profession, it is also related to the acquisition of material values. In conditions of competition and private practice, it is necessary to look for forms of professional protection, which leads to the emergence of professional organizations.

Material and Methods: documentary, historical method and review of archival documents have been used.

Results and Discussion: Already at the end of the XIX-th century, midwives joined a professional union founded by feldshers, and in 1901 they founded their own independent professional organization “Midwife”. They actively participate in all established professional organizations of medical workers: Health Society, Union of Sanitary and Veterinary Personnel, Union of Health Workers, Communist Union of Medical-Sanitary Workers, etc. They have an extremely active obstetric section and lead an active organizational life. Their goals and demands in defense of professional and material interests are realistic, in the interest of maternity care and public health. Nowadays, midwives have to be members of Bulgarian Association of Health Professionals in Nursing, which is a regulatory body, and some of them also participate in Alliance of Bulgarian Midwifes – a non-governmental midwifery organization.

Conclusion: A retrospective review of professional organizations of midwives shows exceptional activity on their part, which has been maintained and expanded over the years and today recognized by a number of international organizations such as the European Midwives Association (EMA), the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) and etc.


midwife, history, professional organizations, Bulgaria, rights


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