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For the healthcare institutions treating patients with obesit. An episode from the memories of Prof. Dr. Lukan Balabanski

Lukan Balabanski


Excerpts (149-157 pp.) from the memoir of prof. Dr. Lukan Balabanski "Over the years. Remembering people and events, “Gitava” Ltd., Sofia, 2005, 223 pp.

Professor. L. Balabanski is the founder of the “Clinic of Metabolic Diseases and Dietetics”, director of Scientific Institute in Gastroenterology and Nutrition, Rector of Medical Academy in the period 1987-1988, founder and honorary chairman of the Bulgarian Society of Nutrition and Dietetics; former member of the European Academy of Nutrition Sciences and a member of its Council, Chairman of the “Committee on diet-obesity-diabetes of the International Union of Nutrition Sciences (1977-1989).


obesity, treatment, memoirs

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