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Social Medicine

The population health as a social goal and accessibility of the primary medical care around the world

Lora Hristova Georgieva, Hristina Bozhinova-Dimitrova


Introduction: The understanding of social platform of health systems increasingly dominates in the new public health, in which the focus shifts from the hospital to primary medical care and social security. Aim: The aim of the present article is to analyze the role of primary medical care in achieving the social goal of health for all people, as well as the problems related to access, who face the general practitioners and the population around the world. Material and methods: International and national sources of information and databases related to the topic under consideration have been analyzed. Results and discussion: To achieve its goal of covering the population with basic medical care, primary medical care should first of all be accessible to all the people. In developing countries there is a lack of or difficult access to health care services. In many developed countries, the shortage of general practitioners in rural areas is a social problem. Conclusion: The difficulties in primary medical care for poor, rural and remote areas are comparable around the world and have mostly organizational and logistical origin.


health, primary medical care, general practitioner, population, access

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