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Distribution, mobility and shortage of the global health workforce

Lora Georgieva, Ivaylo Mitkovski


Introduction: Health care has been taken since the beginning of the human race. With the development of human civilization, activities are differentiated and professions are distinguished. Aim: The purpose of the article is to present the diversity of health professions, the distribution of the global health workforce, and the deficits impeding the accessibility of health care among the global population. Material and methods: International literary sources and data related to the subject have been analyzed. Results and discussion: Health care work is carried out by persons with different qualifications and professional orientation who perform medical and non-medical activities. The free movement of people in the globalizing world gives health workers the opportunity to realize themselves professionally wherever they want, but at the same time it creates a shortage of certain professions in some regions. The population growth, population ageing as well as the ageing of the health professionals lead to increasing needs for health personnel. Conclusion: Health inequalities in different parts of the world are exacerbating by shortages and uneven distribution of the health workforce.


health workforce, distribution, mobility, shortage

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