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Collaboration between the Department of Social Medicine, Medical University of Varna and healthcare practice

Tsvetana Kondova


The fruitful collaboration between a scientific unit and public health specialists from the practice is presented. From 1973 to 1976 a new approach to investigating health of the working population in Varna district has been developed. A full cycle of public health action has been applied: from a large-scale epidemiological and sociological study, through focusing on the results that are possible to change from the institutions, their widespread dissemination to the public and initiation of the processes improving the health of workers by mass prevention.


collaboration, scientific unit, public health practice

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Н. Фесчиева, Ц. Кондова, Проф. Д-р Иванка Николаева - радетел за обществено здравеопазване. Стено, Варна, 2014 с. 37-39.

Проблеми на здравето на работещите в промишлеността. Научно-практическа конференция Варна, 14-15 юни 1976 г. Профиздат, с. 5-22; 23-30; 31-37; 175-177.

Социологически изследвания в здравеопазването на Варненски окръг (1968-1978 г.) ДП „Ст. Добрев-Странджата“ 1980 с. 52-59.



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