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The Covid-crisis and the consumption of alcohol-based disinfectants - data and key measures in a critical period

Deyana Ilieva, Desislava Vankova, Tzonko Paunov


The Covid-19 syndemic shocked the healthcare systems on the old continent. In Europe, including Bulgaria, hospital institutions went through unprecedented difficulties due to the specific reorganization required to achieve an adequate response related to Covid-19. The aim of the study is to present hospital-level data from University Hospital "Sveta Marina" in Varna, regarding the usage of alcohol-based disinfectants (ABDs), comparing the consumption before and during the Covid-19 period. The key measures implemented by the medical institution during the critical period are also systematized.

Material and Methods: A single-center retrospective observational study of data from the hospital information system related to the consumption of ABDs. Documentary method, descriptive statistical analysis, and graphical method were used.

Results: The data from the current study shows that the overall hospital usage of ABDs has increased during the Covid period (2020-2021), from 8.82 ml per patient day (PD) in 2018 to 16.29 ml per PD. The quantities of ABDs used in the intensive care units have also increased during the Covid period, reaching 76.5 ml per PD for the Clinic of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, 96.8 ml per PD for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, and values in the Intensive Care and Invasive Ventilation Unit have tripled, reaching 121 ml per PD in 2021.

Conclusions: In a national context, this is the first study that provides openly data with the idea of provoking developments towards continuing medical and health personnel education for hand hygiene quality. Successful practices at the institutional hospital level are shared, which increase staff compliance.


syndemy, Covid-19, hand disinfection, consumption of alcohol disinfectants, healthcare associated infections

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