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Scripta Scientifica Medica

Scripta Scientifica Medica is an official scientific journal of the Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria. It is published in English with a double-blind peer-review process. The journal accepts articles in the field of medicine. Periodicity - 4 issues annually. Proceedings and abstracts from congresses, symposia and conferences organized by the Medical University of Varna are published as supplements to the journal.

Current Issue

Vol 55 (2023): (In Progress) Suppl. 2. Proceedings of the XVIII International Congress on Colorectal Surgery, 5-7 October, 2023


Conversions In Minimally Invasive Colorectal Resections. Risk Assessment And Analysis Of Perioperative Results PDF
Vesselin Marinov 9-13
ERP Protocols in Minimally Invasive Colorectal Surgery PDF
Vesselin Marinov 14-17
Laparoscopic Versus Robotic Rectal Resections. Comparative Analysis of Perioperative Results PDF
Vesselin Marinov 18-21
Learning Curve in Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery. Results of a Retrospective Personal Study PDF
Vesselin Marinov 22-25
Advantages and Limiting Factors in Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery PDF
Angel Arabadzhiev, Monika Momchilova, Vesela Petrova, Tsvetan Popov, Aysun Mehmed, Svilen Maslyankov, Manol Sokolov 26-31
Surgical Methods for Minimizing the Incidence of Paracolostomy Hernias PDF
Tsvetan Popov, Vasil Pavlov, Angel Arabadzhiev, Monika Momchilova, Aysun Mehmed, Manol Sokolov, Svilen Maslyankov 32-36
Laparoscopic Total Mesorectal Excision After 450 Cases PDF
Mihail Tabakov, Antonii Filipov 37-41
Risk Factors for the Development of LARS in Anterior Rectal Resection for Rectal Carcinoma and the Quality of Life of Patients with Developed LARS PDF
Aysun Mehmed, Angel Arabadzhiev, Tsvetan Popov, Svetoslav Toshev, Svilen Maslyankov, Manol Sokolov 42-48
Clinical Application Of Endoanal And Endorectal Ultrasound For Benign And Malignant Conditions Of The Anus, Perianal Space, And Rectum PDF
Monika Momchilova, Svilen Maslyankov, Tsvetan Popov, Vasil Pavlov, Angel Arabadjiev, Manol Sokolov 49-54
The Role of Endoscopic Tattooing in Colorectal Surgery PDF
Nikola Boyanov, Asen Yotovski, Katina Shtereva, Neno Shopov, Luben Kirkov, Katerina Madzharova, Aleksandar Balabanski 55-57
Synchronous Colon Carcinomas Leading to Emergency Surgery. Clinical Case and Literature Review PDF
Atanas Batashki, Petar Uchikov, Atanas Petkov, Yana Kashilska, Sonam Dendup 58-61

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