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White cataract - challenges and solutions

Dessislava Stateva


Introduction: Cataract surgery is the most common ophthalmological surgical intervention. It may have different outcomes depending on the cataract type and the accompanying eye or systemic diseases.

Material and Methods: A total of 41 white cataract cases were reviewed. Preoperative examination included visual acuity, detailed slitlamp evaluation, applanation tonometry, keratometry, and axial length measurements.

Results: Among our 41 cases there was a slight prevalence of males and urban citizens. The greatest challenge was the capsulorhexis. For its successful completion we used heavy viscous substance and capsulotome.

Conclusion: In spite of the precise preoperative examination white cataract could `surprise` the surgeon during the course of the operation.


white cataract; phacoemulsification; continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis

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Dessislava Stateva
Medical University of Pleven

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