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Middle ear meningioma associated with coclear implant: special attention

Fabio Piazza, Anna Maria Iole Palmeri, Luca D'Ascanio


Meningiomas arising in the middle ear or presenting as a middle ear lesion are extremely uncommon and represent a diagnostic challenge. We report the case of a 79-year-old man, previously submitted to left ear cochlear implantation, treated at our Department for a suspected left chronic otitis media. Intraoperative findings and histology suggested a diagnosis of isolated left middle ear meningioma. The main radiological and pathological features of these lesions are discussed.


meningioma; middle ear; temporal bone; differential diagnosis; surgery; histology

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About The Authors

Fabio Piazza
Carlo Poma civil hospital

Department of otolaryngology

Anna Maria Iole Palmeri
Carlo Poma civil hospital

Luca D'Ascanio
Department of otolaryngology Camlo Poma civil hospital

Department of otolaryngology

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